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Auszeichnungen > 2022 für Most Trusted Corporate Training CEO

Auszeichnung 2022

INtem® erhält den German CEO Excellence Award 2022
für Most Trusted Corporate Training CEO

Auszeichnung für Most Trusted Corporate Training CEO

For more than 30 years INtem® Trainergruppe Seßler & Partner GmbH has been serving companies both in its home country, Germany, and across the globe. Indeed, the group endeavours to implement sales and management development programs that result in measurable success for the client. Be it through consulting, training programs, or coaching, INtem® supplies its clients’ businesses with vital tools that will guarantee an increase in sales, customer satisfaction, and an increase in team morale.

In essence, INtem® is a company that is wholly equipped to push others to a higher level. It strives for optimisation, creating bespoke solutions that streamline company’s internal processes, be it during the sales process or through creating an effective teamworking environment. Matthias Blum of Wilhelm Gienger Mannheim KG testified, ‘The INtem® sales training was very well received by our employees. The very next day they tried to implement what they had learned and had fun measuring each other’s success.’





Operating under the experienced eye of Helmut Seßler, it is abundantly clear why the company has accomplished an international level of success. Over the course of three decades, Seßler has acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience involving sales training which infuses and informs the company’s decision making, courses, and training programs. Prior to this, he worked in a plethora of industries in a variety of roles, including a stint working as a banker, business economist, and a real estate specialist. Furthermore, Seßler possesses a Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management and a multitude of further qualifications that certify his ability to train clients to a sufficient level.

Henceforth, INtem® has developed an approach based upon this vast amount of experience. It surpasses its competitors due to its enhanced focus upon lifelong results – INtem® facilitates sustainability, guaranteeing an outcome that is rooted within the aspirations of its clients. Beginning with creating a bespoke concept, it collects data through a range of analytical tools, the information it collates is then utilised to create a focal point for INtem® to target. The INtem® training system has received national and international awards more than 23 times. It is during the training stage that the clients develop a greater understanding of how their business operates, consequently, this knowledge is then implemented in order to start creating results.

‘If you fill a 10-litre water bucket with a highpressure water hose, how much water remains in the bucket?’ The company comments, referring to the vast amount of information, analytics, and techniques it provides to its clients. It believes that it takes time to truly introduce these new habits, emphasising that it takes practice, comparing it to starting at a new gym. In turn, INtem® provides continued support and encouragement.

Of course, this method truly works – over 100,000 clients have enlisted the help of INtem® and their more than 80 training and consulting partners, and over one million training sessions have been held over the years. Simply, INtem® Trainergruppe Seßler & Partner GmbH has carved out a place for itself within the industry, largely thanks to Helmut Seßler’s attentive and experience-led leadership.


Internationale Auszeichnung 2022
für Most Trusted Corporate Training CEO

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für Nachhaltiges Vertriebsentwicklungskonzept

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